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Why Now & Why Transactional Analysis?

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Why now? It just happened that while in a hospital bed for almost a week time seemed to move so slowly that I craved for something that would make my mind engaged so as to obliterate the sense of idleness and dispel the possibility of experiencing stressful moments. I guess my wish came to pass when the first operation didn't go well, and I had to transfer to another hospital for a repeat operation. This time around I carried with me some reading material on transactional analysis (T.A) and a laptop. The surgery went well, and my mind was occupied for the four days I remained in the hospital after the surgery.

Why T.A? In my earlier days when I worked as a trainer and management consultant, transactional analysis was one of the areas in group training that people found fascinating and helpful. Think of it this way: When two people come together in a communication transaction, the ensuing communication is an engagement between two sets of personality ego states in a communication transaction.

As an octogenarian, I still embrace the idea that learning new skills keeps the billions of neurons between the ears engaged and well-replenished. I am happy to share the following two presentations on T.A.

  1. The dimensions of T.A - (267) P A C Dimensions - YouTube

  2. The way people differ - (267) Why we differ. - YouTube

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