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Whew! 2020 - What a year it was!

Even as our political landscape continued on a changing course, the Kenyans' entrepreneurial spirit helped many to change and adapt to new ways of survival. Some turned their vehicles to roadside grocery outlets, and the mama mboga never failed to open her kiosk. The digital platform facilitated smooth money transactions and inclusivity of millions of unbanked Kenyans.

As we enter and begin our journey in 2021, the Kenyans' resilience - especially the strength of our country's younger generation - will overcome the challenges ahead with the same entrepreneurial spirit growing strong as part of our culture. Not to make a political statement, I can foresee the political landscape and new alignments forming and taking shape by mid-August 2021.

Turning to the public sector, I agree with W. Edwards Deming in suggesting that the sector's effectiveness - and in particular the effectiveness of government ministries and departments (and independent commissions in our case) - can be measured by the fairness, just, and equitable provision of services and treatment to all. To all must mean the public sector's employees and the general public at large. Therefore, it is disconcerting to see frequent labor disputes in the health and educational sectors of our republic.

"The Wage Bill Beast," the title of my new book - now available on Amazon in Kindle and print on demand - discusses some of the problems the public sector will have to address to get back to providing fair, just, and equitable services to all.

Suppose I have mentioned you or your institution. In that case, my intention is not to offend but to create tension to reflect and, hopefully, find a way to improve toward becoming effective in delivering fair, just, and equitable services to all.

Go ahead and order a copy for yourself and your organization at Amazon. I would welcome your feedback.

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