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Performance Management 

Effective performance management is crucial for achieving common goals and objectives for the organization. It is the continuous engagement between the employee and his/her manager or supervisor, in a partnership that helps to clarify roles, expectations, and responsibilities. When done well, performance management reduces conflicts, improves work climate and productivity.

Key topics:

  • Performance management and performance appraisal clarified.

  • Performance management as a system.

  • Clarifying roles and expectations.

  • Planning and instituting the process.

  • The process of giving and receiving feedback.

  • Performance diagnosis for productivity improvement.

  • Performance appraisal and its purpose.

  • Conducting performance appraisal successfully.


  • Provide relevant support to employees who report to them.

  • Plan and conduct one-on-one performance management sessions.

  • Create partnerships that enhance productivity

  • Work on closing skills gaps objectively and raise productivity for their units.

  • Approach performance appraisal sessions with objectivity and purpose

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