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Compensation and Job Evaluation

The changing work environment that is forcing organizations to respond in ways that can guarantee their survival. Top in the change environment include: 

  • Changes in technology: The rate at which the technology is changing is mind-boggling. Ansoff (2000) has called it destructive technology.

  • Intellectual capital that is changing the hiring landscape 

  • High job mobility: Employees no longer regard jobs as permanent

  • Competition in a globalized economy.

At the employment front, the old time-honored system of pay for seniority is no longer guaranteed. Employers are paying more attention to compensation plans that reward performance. OD-International Consulting Associates will work closely with you, the client, to create a remuneration structure that rewards performance. This is accomplished in a way that ensures a remuneration structure that is fair, equitable, and devoid of disparities.

Our approach

ODI Consulting Associates makes a nonbinding free presentation before undertaking the consultancy work. This enables you - the client - to make an informed decision whether to move ahead.
The presentation covers the following:

  • What is job evaluation?

  • Why job evaluation

  • The commonly used job evaluation systems, and how to select the most appropriate system for your organization

  • The steps involved in job evaluation 

  • Job evaluation results

  • Compensation structuring

  • Building internal capacity for monitoring and maintaining the installed system.

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